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Lafayette Ace Pot Amount


What is the purpose of the Jester's Flight Club?

1. For the Louisiana Players

The Jester's Flight Club was established to help Louisiana Players (BOTH NEW and SEASONED) by offering PDGA rated rounds for both AMs and PROs Points, and encourage the growth of the sport by teaching the basics of disc golf and disc golf etiquette. And of course win some cash in the process! Funds acquired during events from each Chapter goes back to the players in some way. From unsanctioned crazy monthly Chapter tournaments, Club Swag, and more.

2. The Louisiana Disc Golf Community

Connecting each community, so that we as players, never play alone. Another great benefit of connecting the Communities together is, to remember what Disc Golf is all about. Laughter, competitiveness, helping the community, and the LOVE OF THE GAME.  


3. The Louisiana Cup

Lastly, a Louisiana based point system, to be invited to compete for the LOUISIANA CUP. This tournament is a fully unsanctioned and mysterious tournament that would occur once a year. This year, it will be during our Banquet announced on our Facebook page. 

Jesters Flight Club Official Page




What is the Cost?


Mondays - Free RATED  ROUND for members ( It's a Free rated round for Jester's Flight Club Tag Holders. Go get your points! )

All Day flex Start.   As long as 3 Players are  playing on  a card, the  round    can be rated

Everyone is welcome to come  out and play!

Non-Members- $5.00 


$3.00 per round for the Rolling ACE POT

St. Julian Thursdays- All Day Flex League    every week at St. Julian Park (Layouts change weekly). As long as 3 Players are  playing on  a card, the  round    can be rated

Everyone is welcome to come  out and play!

$7.00 per player, $2.00 to the Club and  the rest to cash payouts Friday morning.


$3.00 per round for the Rolling ACE POT

Sundays- Jester's Flight Club Members (Tee Times are voted on  in the Facebook Group)

$7.00 per player, $2.00 to the Club and  the rest to cash payouts Friday morning


$3.00 per round for the Rolling ACE POT

Acceptable Payments
Venmo @CDLeagues, or Cash. (Lafayette Area)
$2.00 per round on goes to the Club from Member's entries, the rest goes to Cash Payout. Payouts are given the next day on Mondays and Fridays.


League Parks

  • St. Julian

  • Heyman

  • P.A. Davis

  • Magnolia

  • Weeks

  • South City

  • Duzze

  • ACE Run

League Rules

  1. Payments MUST be made to Jester's Flight Club PRIOR to the round.

  2. A minimum of 3 players per card, but no more than 6 players per card. Players are responsible for gathering their cardmates to play. 

  3. To ensure the player fairness, PDGA LIVE PASSWORDS will be changed every 2 hours on league days.

  4. Monday, Thursday, and Sunday League is an all day flex 6 am to 8pm. 

  5. All Players on the League card MUST be playing in the League. Casual players cannot play with players on a League card.

  6. All PDGA rules are in effect during League rounds, and penalties can be given at the cards discretion. 

    1. First offenses are normally a courtesy violation before strokes are added. When in question, ask the card before resuming play. If the card cannot make a call, contact the tournament director.  ​

  7. Please inform the Tournament Director of any issues, concerns, or questions about League play. 

Payouts will be based on Divisions, and follow the PDGA payout scale of the top 45% of the field every Friday and Monday. (Payouts will be sent out by 5 PM on those days) ALL PAYOUTS ARE AWARDED THROUGH VENMO.

In the event of a 1st PLACE tie during any given League round, the payouts are split between 1st and 2nd if no playoff occurs. If a play off occurs, then we will follow the normal payout guidelines to each placement.


St. Julian Park


P.A. Davis

Magnolia Park

Weeks Park

South City Park

Acadiana Park (Duzze)

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