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OG Binx

OG Binx


Flight Numbers are Speed 8 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1|


 Elevation has discs that are all about sticking near the basket! The Binx is the first driver from Elevation and it is made from their amazing Rubber Polymer. It is an extremely gummy disc that is perfect for fairway approaches that need to stick near the basket. This mold has a ton of grip to it and it is the best disc for inclement weather. Make sure you grab an Elevation Binx today if you need a fairway that gets virtually no skip at all.

Elevation says this about the mold: “As Elevation Disc Golf’s first Driver, the Binx is made to fly like a driver but have the ground play of a putter. This straight flying driver will hold every line you put it on, and our super flexible rubber material will give you the best chance to stay in the fairway or stick the green. The Binx is made out of our “Newcomer” rubber which looks just like the “OG” rubber of the Interceptor and Koi, but with some extra stiffness to handle more torque. The PDGA approved Binx gives you the utmost control over your shot with a predictable flight and minimal groundplay. So, stay in the fairway my friends.”


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