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Psychic Eco flex

Psychic Eco flex


Flight Numbers are Speed 12| Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 2|


The fastest disc in the Elevation Discs lineup, the Psychic is a disc that will get you distance but once it hits the ground it will stay close to where it initially hit. This is a disc that kids and more experienced players will both enjoy. With the gumminess that the EcoFlex plastic has, this disc is perfect for those cold rounds where you need extra grip. Make sure you grab an Elevation Discs EcoFlex Psychic today!

Elevation says this about the mold: “Beginners will love the Psychic for getting around obstacles or working on their forehand. Advanced golfers will love the easy distance and lack of ground play, turning ace runs into easy birdies. About this run: Grippy, and slightly more flexible than some of our previous runs of ecoFLEX (but don’t worry, you should still be fine to throw it as hard as you want). This run came out flat-topped and low profile, giving this driver a super comfortable grip forehand, backhand, big hand, small hand. 



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