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2022 Jester Gauntlet Winners!


The  Jester Gauntlet ll, Presented by Relay for Life
September 14th and 15th, 2024
Location : Lafayette, La

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Jester Gauntlet Created?
The Jester Gauntlet's one true purpose is to be an event that encourages a truly grueling event to push a player to the limit to achieve greatness through one's self. Much like a marathon, Triathlon, and many other such events that are meant to be a physically, mentally, and emotional test for the participants.

I don't want to risk my rating, will this event be PDGA sanctioned?
Do you personally make claims like, "Best in the State", "Best in the region?", "Highest PDGA rating?", " been winning multiple events across the board locally, state, and region wide?", and my person favorite  "I'll play anywhere, anytime, and in any condition!".
Yes, this event is a PDGA Sanctioned. 
Why else would you even want a rating if you don't want to play for it and truly test how good you are in all conditions.   

How long is the event?
Ideally, we (Krewe De Discus), have had thorough discussions about this topic. We didn't want to copy any other event out there, where you play the same format repetitively. Like 1 Day 2 rounds, 2-4 day tee time events, etc. We settled on the best of 6 Rounds in 2 days (3 Rounds a day) to start, and to make it a C-tier so any player can participate. Though, our ideal goal is to have the Jester Gauntlet be a 3 day, 7 round event (Best of 7 format).  
2 Rounds Friday, 3 Rounds Saturday, 2 Rounds on Sunday. 

I'll never play this, it is a "death tournament".
Have you really experienced what this phrase means?
Those that went through truly remarkable hardships such as cancer and other illnesses, war, addiction, and many other traumatic instances in life. They conquered their mountain with pure grit to survive enduring all the pain to allow themselves to walk tall again.
This is a mountain for those few to climb,
and to say they are the best of the best, or for the endurance thrill seekers.
Runners and mountain climbers know this feeling of pure satisfaction of accomplishing a hard and grueling task to reach the summit or finish-line for personal aspirations. 
Don't sell yourself short or other's accomplishments because of your own personal fears;

What do I win or get for participating?
Number 1:
AM/PRO Player packs
Number 2:
There are Cash contests during the event for AMS and Cash Payouts for Pros at the end of the event. Amount is to be announced as the event gets closer. 
Number 3:
This event is NOT about the win, but a personal accomplishment that is obtained by something that one thinks is impossible, but in reality, YOU CONQUERED THE GAUNTLET. 

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