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Image by Ted Johnsson


Presented by
Relay For Life 

2022 Jester Gauntlet Winners!


Location : Lafayette, La

Current Schedule

Friday, September 13, 2024
1 PM - PA Davis Park
4 PM - Heymann Park

Saturday, September 14, 2024
9AM - ACE Run
12 PM - Acadiana Original
3PM - Duzee

Saturday, September 15, 2024
9 AM - Magnolia Park
12 PM - St. Julian Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Jester Gauntlet Created?

It is said that one achieves greatness when he
conquers himself. The Jester Gauntlet is a
challenging–no…grueling– event created to push you
to–and possibly even beyond–your limit. A true test of
physical endurance, mental strength and determination
of the spirit, the Jester Gauntlet is fun opportunity to
show you what you’re capable of
you’ll walk away proud of having given your all!

I don't want to risk my rating, will this event be PDGA

Yes, this is a sanctioned PDGA event. And when you finish the
Jester Gauntlet, you can honestly boast “I’ll play anywhere,
anytime and in any condition!” …because you don’t play for
shiny objects. You play for the passion inside you. And nothing
feeds a passion like fully letting loose–giving your blood, sweat
and fears up for the thing that lights you up. The Jester
Gauntlet is for conquerors!

How long is the event?

After giving this much thought, we, Krewe De Discus, wanted to
give you an event like no other. So, we’re changing things up.
We settled on the best of 7 rounds in three days
(two rounds on Friday, three rounds Saturday, and two rounds Sunday).
This will be a C-tier so any player can participate.

What inspired this? It sounds like a “death tournament.”

The ones we all know and love who’ve endured truly
remarkable hardships inspired this. We all know someone
who’s fought cancer and other illnesses, war, addiction, and
unexpected tragedy.

The ones who’ve conquered their mountain with pure grit to
survive–who’ve endured all the pain for someone or something
they love…so they could say “I gave it my all.”

The Jester Gauntlet is a mountain for those you to climb…in the
name of something you love…so you can say “I gave it my all.”
This is for the best of the best, the thrill seekers and the
diehards in our sport.

A mountain climber will tell you the view at the top is worth
every challenging step to the top.
A marathon runner will talk about the “best feeling” at the finish
line after running non-stop for 26.2 miles.

It’s about accomplishing the thing that was so hard that few
even attempt it.
Be among the elite!
Believe in yourself.

What do I win or get for participating?

1: AMs -Player packs, Payouts
2. Pros - Cash Prizes
3: The personal accomplishment and bragging rights that

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